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With the release of his Debut 6-Song EP "Spread Your Wings & Fly", Steve Altonian has set his boots firmly down in both Country & Christian Music. The Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles teams up with L.A. & Nashville's finest session musicians to create an immediate Contemporary Country & Christian Classic.

Noteworthy singles include: Country songs "I Saw Jesus Today", the critically acclaimed "New York City Cowboy" & the timeless Title Track "Spread Your Wings & Fly".  Also introduced is "The Lamb", a Contemporary Christian Worship song sure to be sung in Churches throughout the world.

For Steve Altonian, the combination of being a Country & Christian Music Artist is a natural fit.  Country songs have to be meaningful & touch your heart, Christian songs have to be meaningful & touch your soul.  If Country Music is his heart, then Christian Music is his soul.   

Choosing to be true to both Country & Christian Music has been a very important career decision for the acoustic guitar player.  By "Spreading His Wings", Steve Altonian's fan base is broader, the stage is bigger, & his influence & reach is much, much greater.

It has & always will be about the Singer & the Song. At the end of the day, the audience will listen to the Singer & the Songs, & ultimately decide for themselves what kind of Artist he really is.

One thing is for certain; The "New York City Cowboy" is comfortable on this journey, knows who he is as an Artist, & knows exactly where he is going..... 

VIDEO: "I Saw Jesus Today"

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